Our cutting-edge talent development programmes transform your people, your teams and your culture, improving retention and productivity, and ultimately transforming the bottom line.

People are your most important business asset.  They drive growth, implement change, increase profitability, bring new ideas and innovations, and ensure your continuing success in the fast-moving and highly competitive Tech world.  Your best productivity potential, therefore, comes from investing in your people and developing your talent asset.

Our carefully selected facilitators are all foremost in their field.  They deliver highly impactful programmes tailored to your needs: whether it’s to accelerate the gel of a new team, to integrate a new hire whilst onboarding them, or to keep your Executive Team fresh and engaged in their own development and success.  These programmes shift understanding and effect permanent change.


1:1 Executive Coaching presents a unique opportunity for personal growth and transformation whilst additionally benefitting the organisation.  It combines a supportive, direct and holistic approach with the latest thinking in development methods to ensure rapid, effective and long-lasting results.


The pace of the Tech Industry means that teams shift, organisations restructure and different people are required to work together at different times.  The need for your team to gel rapidly and effectively is therefore paramount to the success of your business.  Our methods are designed to accelerate the fundamental relationships within your team to ensure it becomes more self-managed, more cohesive, and more committed to working harmoniously.  The result: a high-performing team made up of adaptable, self-aware leaders.


Assessments, which play a part in the recruitment process, are also used here to inform the direction required for a program tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, and the individuals in your team.


At Nexec Leaders, we believe that staying ahead of development and diversity thinking creates highly successful companies who are beacons for talented professionals.  High on the diversity agenda at present is the need for companies to assimilate Gender intelligence.  Our programmes help companies, and women leaders, embrace gender differences, resulting in a more productive, innovative and successful Tech space.


What is your organisational culture?  Are you aware of the impact your culture has on your productivity and performance?  Our facilitators will work with you to explore and analyse the effects of your current culture on your business execution.  Fundamentally, if your culture needs to be more adaptive, or if it’s having a negative impact on your growth, we can work together with you to create a practical strategy for transformation.


The most memorable, influential leaders were, and are, great orators.  Our Communications Excellence programme offers Leaders the chance to find out the secrets to this success: to understand and incorporate the persuasive tools and techniques it takes to be an inspirational and powerful communicator.