Sarah Luxford drives change promoting Inclusivity at Here East with Tech London Advocates Women in Tech

Sarah Luxford drives change promoting Inclusivity at Here East with Tech London Advocates Women in Tech & Tech London Advocates industry event

On March 9th 2017 at Here East, Sarah Luxford in her role as Co-founder of Tech London Advocates Women in Tech, hosted a room of 350 movers and shakers in Tech in an energetic and interactive working group titled “Tomorrow’s Tech Success: Shattering uniformity & embracing change” designed to drive change in the diversity agenda.

Reflecting the scale of tech’s diversity problem, half (49.2 per cent) of London’s technology sector believes the industry is actively biased against women. This is according to research conducted by Tech London Advocates, an independent network of more than 4,300 tech experts, leaders and professionals in the capital – of which Nexec Leaders co-drives the WomenInTech working group.

As the geopolitical, economic, social and technological aspects of our world continue to evolve rapidly, leaders now more than ever depend on their workforce for agility and speed of responsiveness to competitive forces.
Creating an environment that encourages transparency, trust, creativity and a willingness to take risks can only truly be achieved by prioritising diversity. Shattering uniformity and being cognizant of how ‘difference’ fits in allows organisations to stay relevant to customers and drive innovation.

Guests heard an inspiring keynote from The Rt Hon Matt Hancock Minister of State for Digital and Culture and participated in a lively transformational workshop led by Co-Founder Nikki Watkins. A VIP panel then followed led by Sarah which included insights from corporates and digital start-ups amongst whom including leading figures from Facebook, BAE Systems & BrainLabs sharing insights into how they have broken down barriers and reaped the benefits of an inclusive workplace.

Sarah Luxford comments “Diversity translates into profits. Companies that are more gender and ethnically diverse perform better financially. Most leaders recognise this fact yet this is not translating into systematic change linking talent attraction, development & retention. Change is hard. That’s why we have created a ‘how to’ – a clear outline of questions individuals, teams and businesses should be asking of themselves whilst providing clear actions they can implement to stride forward. Things have to change. They can’t afford not to.’