London Stock Exchange

Nexec supports TLA WOMEN IN TECH to open London Stock Exchange markets during London Technology Week

Nexec Leaders are proud to sponsor & support TLA WOMEN IN TECH’s array of events and activities that set the tone for this important week – celebrating and bringing awareness to the critical role diversity plays in our thriving tech ecosystem in London.

At the start of London Technology Week TLA WOMEN IN TECH in partnership with SVC2UK and the LSE Elite Programme will conduct the Open Ceremony at the London Stock Exchange marking the start of trading on the world’s most international market. There will be a Champagne reception, executive leadership workshop and two high profile panels focused on diversity in larger corporations and fund raising for female led founders and CEO’s.

Nexec Director and co-founder of TLA WOMEN IN TECH Sarah Luxford commented “I’m delighted that TLA WOMEN IN TECH has been given this fantastic platform during London Technology Week to help raise awareness, influence adoption and encourage advocacy of diversity in the workplace. There is much to celebrate and be proud of within the London tech scene, but we mustn’t be complacent. That is why we are delivering concrete actions & recommendations that will help shift attitudes and address the bias that still pervades in our sector. “