Book Launch for “I Am The Problem”

Nexec Leaders were proud to support Soozey Johnstone one of Australia’s most experienced and respected business and team advisors and our APAC Talent Development Advisor in the launch of her first book, ‘I Am The Problem’ during London Technology week.

We were delighted to invite Dame Judith Mayhew to host the launch of the book which brilliantly reveals the roadblocks that hold teams back – roadblocks of character, team dynamics, or missing skills – and the roadblocks in ourselves.

I Am The Problem is the simplest, most insightful and easiest-to-implement book on dysfunctional executive teams – how to make success happen more often and more easily, and rediscovering your organisational “mojo”.

The book is designed to be a very practical “hands on” primer for anyone facing apparently intractable organisational obstacles, whether or not the organisation is recognising or facing up to those obstacles – yet.

Nexec Leaders APAC MD Claire Marriott commented “Soozey is an amazing person who brings her views in such clarity to business leaders that want to succeed. As part of our APAC team, she is invaluable for our work with clients”.

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